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Wed, Jul. 21st, 2004, 02:47 pm
shebaduhkitty: I am busy getting my website updated...

I am busy getting my website updated...

It looks like I will get to teach either Drama or Technology in addition to ART. See there are only 2 elective teachers during 1,2 and 3rd period. So I get the same bunch of kids 1st tri and 3rd tri during those periods. In the past they have called it "advanced Art" but I was hired partly because of my flexibility and past expereince teaching Drama and Technology. So the admin said I could make 3rd tri WHATEVER I WANTED! I plan to feel the kids out for which they would prefer and also find out if one of the computer labs could be completely hogged by me during these classes.

This is exciting because I was really going to miss teaching drama. They have NO drama currently at their school. (chances are pretty high that is will fizzle at my old school now that I am gone too)

So I added my past drama http://www.thevirtualclassroom.org/Dramamain/dramamain.html
and computer sections
back to my web page.

Eventually I will also be posting lesson plans for a variety of things including Drama and Technology. If you see a project you would like to know more about...let me know!